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Using the Volatility Surface to Estimate Expected Returns

September 12, 2018

There are many different ways to estimate returns using quantitative data. The conventional approach is to use a ‘factor model’ which uses predictor variables weighted in some optimal combination to estimate absolute or relative returns. Most factor models combine company fundamental or technical (price and volume) data. Traditional smart beta factors used within these models…

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Ways to Manage Risk

September 18, 2017

Blue Sky Thinking An agile and creative process without limitations – a way of thinking freely Research Our identity – the epicenter from which all things come   QuantX ETFs Innovative ETF Solutions Risk Managed Funds Dynamic Beta Fund What We Do Quantitative Research We are quants. Passion for quantitative analysis is what brought our…

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ETFs – The Ideal Way to Own Alternatives

August 25, 2017

Alternative strategies are more dynamic and change their risk exposures as a function of market conditions more frequently than a passive strategy. We set out to build the first suite of risk managed ETFs that employ a systematic approach to dynamic asset allocation in a cost efficient and transparent manner. Our risk management overlay is…

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